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Pikemusha Martingale is the antithesis of the big martingale. Its purpose is to allow you to bet as many times as possible without growing your bankroll too quickly It starts like a classic martingale and varies in the sequence of its strikes. Its logic is simple, if you have an event that goes against you 10 times in a row, sooner or later it will come back in your favor. This way you will be able to play a large number of moves without an endless bankroll. This strategy is much more realistic and applicable in practice.

Example: You bet 1 euro on a binary event. If you win, you will have €1 in your pocket. If you lose, you don't double your bet and bet $1 again. If you win, you'll be back where you started and be able to start from scratch. If you lose again, you still won't double your bet and will be playing €1 again. Or you win, you will be at -1 and bet $1 again. Therefore, you will need a second winning move to return to balance and start from scratch. Or you lose the third stroke again and only then do you double your bet

. Here is the sequence of bets in case of repeated failure: 1-1-1-1-2-2-2-4-4-4-8 - 8, etc. The big advantage of this strategy is that on the tenth turn you bet only 8 euros against more than 1000 euros of the great martingale, which adds up to only 29 euros!


After 18 losing moves in a row, you will lose only 187 euros against more than 130,000 euros in the classic martingale. However, the probability of losing 18 direct losses is very small.


Like any other martingale, it has its drawbacks. If it allows you to make small bets, it allows you to win relatively little money every turn. There will also be times when you will be in the red after winning a move and then have to start all over again. It is difficult, from a psychological point of view, to cope with such a situation. The second problem with this strategy is that it takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of patience to win a little. In the long run, you will most likely make money with very little risk. But is the payback time spent on this martingale worth it?

Martingale d'Alembert

This variant of the classic martingale is named after a famous 18th century mathematician. It itself knows many variations. Here we present two of the most famous ones, namely the martingale in the Alamber pyramid and the martingale against d'Alembert

. Alamber's pyramid starts with a simple observation: the more you lose, the more likely you are to succeed on your next turn. . Conversely, the more we win, the more likely we are to lose on the next turn. Based on this observation, this martingale suggests increasing your bet by one unit after each loss. Instead, he suggests lowering the stakes by one unit for each win.

Example: Suppose one unit is equal to 1 €. You start with a bet of €1 and you lose. Therefore, this martingale advises you to bet one more unit, i.e. 1 1 = 2 €. If you lose again, you add another unit, i.e. 2 1 = 3 dollars. In case of a win, the martingale recommends removing one unit, i.e. 2-1 = €1. Then you come back for a new series starting from €1.


The advantage of this martingale is that it is a hybrid solution between a very defensive and conservative strategy like the Pikemush strategy and a very offensive strategy like the big martingale. This allows you to earn significant amounts of money fairly quickly without risking too much capital.


The main disadvantage of this martingale is that it is subject to the imperative of a quick result. If you win your first moves quickly, you will bet 3 to 5 units for a long time, which becomes reasonable. In the event of a bad streak, you will find yourself playing large amounts very regularly. If this losing streak goes from the very beginning, you will be at a loss for a long time and you will need to be very strong mentally in order not to collapse.

Martingale vs d'Alembert is the exact opposite of a pyramid scheme. The stakes will decrease with each failure and increase with each victory. Let's start with another postulate: luck and bad luck are a matter of series, so it is necessary to maximize the winning streak and limit the risk in case of a losing streak. This strategy turns out to be very profitable in case of a win, but with a negative band it remains in the red for a long time.

However, for martingale, the opposite is true. Increase bets by 1 when you lose and decrease when you lose.

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